SERENIFORM drops debut single 'She’s Trouble' with a killer music video!

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WARNING: This track contains audio of a saxophonic nature that some listeners may find mesmerising. 

SERENIFORM’s debut single ‘She’s Trouble’ is unleashed into the world on the 7th February 2024. It’s a light-hearted, warm, fun country rock jam with a little bit of soul in there too. 


For me,“She’s Trouble, has a very classic vibe. I love the easy ballad feel with a contemporary sound and fun, slightly controversial lyrics that may not be obvious without a closer glance. Great vocal dynamics working with the different tones of the instruments.”David Coles lead guitarist He/Him


“We all know someone who’s trouble. This song is for them”- Jay Reid vocals, acoustic guitar and saxophone They/Them 


The accompanying music video puts a slightly different spin on the song. The story told is of a female priest who has a passion for exotic dancing. 


“It’s a fun, zany, sexy, larger than life, bubbly production of female empowerment.” – Jay Reid 

The song was recorded at Hangover Hill Studios with Matt Black.


“Hangover Hill is run by musicians for musicians and Matt understands the importance of realising the artists vision. He goes the extra mile to get those little tweaks just right, You can be confident you’ll have a great product at the end. We would highly recommend Matt Black and Hangover Hill Studios!” Jay Reid 


The video is a very ambitious, large scale production with two locations and lots of talented actors.  It looks so good, you’d never guess it was shot on such a limited budget. There’s a lot crammed into those 4 mins. It’s a bright, cinematic piece of storytelling that will keeps you entertained from the first second to the last. 

SERENIFORM isn’t just about music, it’s about community. For the “She’s Trouble” video, SERENIFORM collaborated with local artist Brian Callinan. He supplied artwork that was displayed in some of the scenes. This type of cross-collaborative work, small businesses helping other small businesses worked really well and is something SERENIFORM will be doing again in future music videos.

SERENIFORM is a Dorset based indie, pop fusion act. Brace yourselves people for clean, crisp, catchy, pop melodies, sexy saxophone and face-melting guitar solos. Their eclectic mix of musical influences are sure to leave you absolutely speechless. 


SERENIFORM formed in June 2023. “We are all experienced musicians and have been in other projects over the years, but I’m really excited about this! David and Billy are amazing friends and amazing players.” – Jay Reid 


“The overall direction of the band has me excited with a meeting of pop rock with Americana shades, soul and indie. I am wanting as many people as possible to experience what we have to offer and look forward to how the style develops further.” – David Coles 


“I have the feeling that we’re only just seeing the beginning of what we can do together. I’m excited to be along for the ride!” – Billy Poore bass guitarist He/Him




Quite a few words beginning with SEREN or sounding like SEREN are emotionally charged and have a more musical meaning too. Serenity, serenade and serenata are good examples.

SERENIFORM means a highly charged dynamic music display of emotion in the FORM of music.   

Jay has struggled for most of their life trying to manage symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, ADHD and addiction. Any time they progressed in life, uni, jobs, music career, etc they would have an episode and have to pick up the pieces time and time again which was soul destroying. After more than a decade of battling addiction in some form or another they cut ties with negativity: people, substances, environments and left it all behind. November 1st 2021 was the day Jay stopped everything (including cigarettes) and is still sober today.


“It took a few years of healing, mentally and physically. But now, finally, I’m screaming on sax and belting my heart out again . It feels so good. So please bear witness to the songs that tell the stories of my life. It’s my therapy, my release.  I’m really passionate about this project and I’m doing it with the best people – my friends.” Jay Reid