Welcome to Sereniform!A truly mind-blowing Bournemouth based Pop-Fusion Act. Brace yourself people for clean, crisp, pop melodies that get any venue vibing.


Live performances are nothing short of magic, bringing the room together in an immersive and electrifying experience. Sereniform is here to revive the essence of classic pop genres, leaving the rest in the dust. 


Prepare to be transported by the sensational sound of saxophone and face-melting guitar solos. Mesmerised by funky baselines, and hypnotised by solid grooves. this diverse fusion of musical elements is sure to leave you absolutely speechless.


There are two times in a persons life when they have to step up and write about themselves. The first being a CV where it is mostly lies and you totally over inflate your skill set and experience to make yourself stand out. Scribbling down contact info on a napkin with a crayon for your dad, when you answer the phone can suddenly be turned years of admin experience for a small business.


The second time is when you start a band and have to write a band bio about yourself and it’s much the same haha. Joking. I would write for you any day over fluffing the egos of the middle managing corporate world. 


Finally, I’m screaming on sax and belting my heart out again . It feels so good. I used to be a full-time musician, but after laying low for a couple years and healing. It’s time to get back out there. So please bear witness to the songs that tell the stories of my life. It’s my therapy, my release.  I’m really passionate about this project and I’m doing it with the best people, my friends.


The Insane, Loyal Friend

Crazy Sax-Machine

Crazy Sax-machine


What can I say about Billy Poore? Actually, what can’t I say about him? We’ve been friends for so long that it’s clear we’re both a little (Ok, very) crazy. A willingness to do just about anything for a laugh, dare, or simply because we can has bonded us tightly through thick and thin. This journey together has been nothing short of amazing, truly


In 2010 Billy’s joined first major project, Pure Explosion. A phenomenal three-piece heavy rock band with PH-Phat sound. Many times Billy would let me crash his band practice and play drums with them to get my confidence up.


Billy joined Soulhole in the Summer of 2014. Jordan the lead singer had just graduated puberty and Nathan was even younger. Billy has been an integral part of the psychedelic, funk, rock group ever since. Not satisfied just being an insanely talented bass player, but he also holds a degree in psychology and runs an awesome YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out!

Guitar Ledgend


He lives, breathes and smells like guitar. Trust! He is the master of beautifully crafted melodic lines, smooth licks and dirty screamers. All of which have been moulded into his signature style – Awesomeness. Most of the time, you’ll find him busy trying to figure out how to cram more playing hours into the day. His dedication to music is unparalleled, and he’s always striving to improve his craft.


David’s journey as a musician began at Salisbury College, where he studied music before moving on to Brighton Institute of Modern Music. David completed his course and finished with a shiny new degree that almost smelt as much like guitar as he does. With degree in hand, he hit the local music scene hard, playing in numerous bands and collaborating with other musicians in the Sussex area from 2008 to 2017.


As one chapter closed, another began. David moved back to Dorset, and after taking a short hiatus from live music, he reignited his passion. In 2019, he joined Inner City Smugglers where he met me (Jay Reid), We have been bound by the bond of music and friendship ever since.

Rhythmic Wizard!!


When the music flows, and the beats beckon, you can almost hear the whispers, “Where’s Dom?” And then, he is found, for he’s always in the pocket.


From the tender age of 15, the muses of music called upon him, and he answered … on an old Nokia … coz thats all there was at the time, Trust! His childhood home was a sanctuary of sound, with instruments and melodies weaving in the air. Two years of Music college broadened his horizons, from composition to diverse genres and other instruments. It also gave Dom the innate ability to perform ‘Rap God’ perfectly whenever requested. Now that is some proper education anyone can get behind.


In 2022 it was bye bye Northamptonshire and hello Bournemouth. It was almost bliss, beautiful girlfriend, amazing cat, cool apartment, sea side town, but something was missing. Dom had no band, no beats to play, no pockets to fill with fresh funky goodness.


Dom auditioned and joined the nameless project soon to be named Sereniform. Impeccable timing if you ask me.